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Here at Floating Rock we planted our first vines in 2004, dedicating our passion to creating exquisite, hand-crafted wines from Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir grapes. The combination of the local climate and pumice loam soil created by years of volcanic activity work to deliver a unique range of wines that we are exceptionally proud of. We produced our first vintage wines of Pinot Grigio and Blanc de Noir in 2007, and have since extended our range to superb Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir and award-winning Methode Traditionelle and a Late-Harvest Pinot Gris Ice Wine.

You can read more about our red wines and white wines below, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have if you need more information.

If you would like to purchase any of our wines, olive oils or lavender oil or water, you can download a copy of our order form/price list and fax, email or post it to us.

2017 Floating Rock Pinot Gris: $25.00

Straw with green tints. Rich texture and great length with firm acidity.

2014 Floating Rock Pinot Gris: $22.50

Kuratau River Wines are organically grown on a single block vineyard that overlooks the Kuratau River flowing into Lake Taupo. “Floating Rock” is taken from the volcanic pumice rock that symbolises the pure environment and the unique terroir in which the grapes are nurtured.

A vibrant wine which displays aromas of citrus and pear. This flows through to the palate with great length and balance between sweetness and acidity.

2011 Floating Rock Pinot Noir – $20.00

True to the “feminine” style of the Floating Rock Pinot Noir we produce here in Lake Taupo, this 2011 wine has supple tannins and a wonderfully savoury complexity.

This estate grown wine displays classic Pinot Noir profiles which include lifted red berry profiles of dark cherry and cassis, French oak spice and an underlying gamey note which adds to the elegant complexity of this wine. The palate shows ripe red berry fruits and has soft, silky tannins which makes this wine perfect to have on its own or with your favourite meal

2010 Floating Rock Pinot Gris: $20.00

This Pinot Gris is a fresh, vibrant style displaying lifted tropical notes of banana, pineapple and guava. With underlying profiles of pear drop, honey suckle and lemon zest. The palate is fresh and vibrant with a rich mid palate and a zesty finish.

2008 Floating Rock Pinot Gris: $25.00

Harbouring intense lychee and white-flesh peach aromas, this wine’s soft white pear flavours delicately hint on the palate with caramelised sugar and crème brûlée overtones.

The Taupo region’s long growing season provides perfect conditions for a clean wine with excellent sugar/acid balance that can be consumed now or cellared for up to three years.

This wine continues to reflect the location of its origin – clean, fresh and pure.

2011 Floating Rock Pinot Gris: $20.00 SOLD OUT

floating-rock-pinot-gris-20112011 has been yet another great year for this delightful Pinot Grigio grape that continues to grow in popularity. It works so well with seafood, poultry or just on its own on a sunny day. With a dash of minerality thanks to our unique landscape this is a full bodied, silky textured wine that balances the fruity flavours perfectly. Try only slightly chilling it to bring out the best of the rounded fruit and textures.

2017 Floating Rock Rose: $25.00

Bright Pink Fuchsia, with darker tints. Lifted aromatic, boldly textured, off dry with a small amount of sweetness.

2013 Floating Rock Pinot Gris: $17.50

A lifted style of Pinot Gris displaying vivid citrus notes of lime and mandarin zest. Complemented by nuances of tropical fruits, banana and peach with a hint of sharp pear drop. A wine that works perfectly with simple seafood and all types of Asian cuisine.

2010 Floating Rock Blanc de Noir:  SOLD OUT

Another great year for our “Rose’ style Blanc de Noir which is such a distinctive and versatile wine. Made from 100% handpicked Pinot Noir grapes grown on our vineyard the Blanc de Noir is a classic as an aperitif, try it with a zesty summer salad or maybe garlicky asian foods.

2010 Methode Traditionelle: $30.00

People often think that ‘bubbles’ are only for special occasions, toasts, and weddings; but it can be great as an accompaniment to a meal or just with friends. As good as any “champagne” this sparkling wine is made in the traditional method and pleases you with a clean, refreshing flavour that is round and ripe. Our Floating Rock Methode Traditionelle will work really well with seafood and shellfish, or a glorious cheese board. But you just can’t beat it for any celebration – whatever the occasion!

2009 Floating Rock Pinot Gris: $25.00

This wine is a true reflection of our wonderful environment. It delivers a mouthwatering combination of pears, lychees and cascades of other fruit notes that we think you will love. In fact, we believe it’s even better than our award-winning 2008 Pinot Gris so it’s got to be good. Ideal for any occasion, with or without food; and it’s dressed for every occasion in our new label. This one is selling fast so buy now as stocks are limited.

2010 Floating Rock Ice Wine: $35.00 – Bronze Medal Winner Air NZ   Wine Awards SOLD OUT

floating-rock-ice-wine-2010This is a truly mouthwatering wine that works wonderfully well with either sweet or savoury foods. Its well-rounded, silky texture matches its rich golden colour and deserves to be enjoyed as a dessert wine with vanilla flavours or a summer fruit pudding; or we can recommend it with richer flavours such as a Rocquefort cheese or smooth pate. Or just enjoy it with friends, but one bottle may not be enough!

(All prices shown are per bottle)

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